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Networking with People Outside Your IndustryFlaw

     I agree that we need to network outside of  our own niche.  I've spent many years meeting a lot of people , but most of the people I kept in touch with were from the projects or jobs I've worked on or at.  Doest help when you need a job or project.
     Most jobs were somewhat the same niche of individuals so it wasnt like I spent much  time with the marketing or advertising or finance  folks.  And if I did meet people outside technology, it was more as "here is what I need, go do it"  relationships. Not exactly a friendly way to network.  Even today tech workers are still looked at as outsiders in many places.  Even when we pretty much create and design things that run the world. So it's hard to develop relationships with people who look at you as an outsider and only talk to you when something is wrong. 
     The funny thing is I've been a consultant in the past and  people st…

White Papers vs the Real World of Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain, and artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or really machine learning, is all the hype now.  Everybody is doing it. Everybody has it. Everybody needs it.  Everybody wants it. It'll change the world. It'll disrupt. It'll make you rich. It'll save your hide.  It's better than the discovery of fire and sandwiches.

     Throw in some smart bots, big data, Spark, cloud, and cognitive computing and you hit the grand slam of them all.  Throw up a couple of cool white papers around Neural Networks and Linear Regression,  an article or two around tensorflow or Theano or torch or caffe and you're good to go, even though tensorflow has become the defacto 'everyone is using it these days' tool.  Or so you would think they are until you start talking to people who are really using it.

     Silicon Valley and a few other areas are indeed 'all in' when it comes to Neural Networks, AI, machine learning, big data, etc.  But many of the white papers you read or webinars and…

elementryMind - Real Estate Forecasting whitepaper

In this whitepaper, we proposed an artificial intelligent real estate mind that can predict, forecast, & estimate values built on Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP).
The evaluation for this AI real estate Mind was evaluated on the sales prices of real estate for San Diego properties.
The other goal was to utilize some blockchain like infrastructure to create a decentralized opensource real estate MLS system. But that is part of another whitepaper and not this one.

So going on about this whitepaper, the Buyers and Sellers(mainly real estate investors looking to buy, hold, pass) will make decisions based on these predictions about properties, value, opportunity, and neighborhoods.  We plan on expanding the analysis for better performance tuning and optimization for all of California, cities with or cities proposed to have Google Fiber, and Mexico. Plans to integrate speech software (Google Now, Siri, Cortana, IBM…