Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Floods, storms, loss of life and communities but no funding to fix it this

We gotta save the planet.  Escape to Mars to Nuke it, makes sense.  Not.

" Globally, the question of equity is even more acute, with cities in developed nations far better able to fund climate change adaptation projects than in developing countries. “In an environment of scarce resources for local authorities, especially in poor countries, mobilizing such resources will be a real political and institutional challenge,” according to a World Bank study."

" There is no coordinated strategy nationally, there is not enough money, states are not moving, and this loose talk of resilience bonds in the private sector is not a reality yet,” Stiles says."

The Cost of Rising Seas: More Than $400 Billion

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Finland flexible work

My company,  Pagarba,  believes in the philosophy of remote work, respect and as much flexibility as possible. Just get work done when you need to. If you need to drop kids off at school, take college classes, go surfing , go the gym, whatever it's all about flexibility and creating an environment where you get your work and life in order.   I guess you could call it  the work life balance to the extreme philosophy.

" Employees will be able to decide when and where they work for at least half of their hours. As well as fitting their job around childcare commitments or exercise sessions, most full-time workers will be able to “bank” time off and use it to take extended holidays.

Daily treks into the city could become unnecessary as the new rules facilitate a choice of working remotely."

Finland is about to take flexible working a step further

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Bring on qutrits... because Quantum physicists successfully teleported qutrits

What’s a qutrit?

It’s like a qubit. A qunit is an entangled pair of particles used to carry info in a quantum computing system. Qubits are sort of similar to bits, the binary units of information used by computers we use today. 

Bits can be represented by the numbers 0 and 1, qubits can be 0, 1, or both at the same time.
Trits, used in classical tenary systems , add a 2 into the mix. And qutrits are the quantum version of trits, capable of carrying even more  information than their qubit counterparts.

Cool stuff quantum computing..

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Blockchain for counterfeit

Blockchain for counterfeit goods is a ioT and a blockchain use case. 

High rental costs create most expensive cities in USA

Housing was the biggest expense for those living in the top 5 cities, forming 29.34% of the overall composite index of the cost of living.

A  one bedroom apartment in  Manhattan goes for $3,100 a month now. The Median annual household income was around $75,400 in NYC.   

The average rent in San Francisco is around $3,600 for an apartment now.  But median income is a little higher so events it out and why NYC,  statistically speaking, is the most expensive. 

Another mass shooting and lost hope

It's not just the guns.  I usually sway middle ground on gun rights, second amendment and so on. I am not a gun person. I don't go out to the range nor collect guns. But i did grow up in a military family where my father and most of my uncle's server from a few years to over 30 in the Marines , army, navy, air Force, national guard and so on. I've had friends in various branches. I even tried to be a chemical weapons kind of engineer in the army myself.  So I'm well aware and familiar with guns and the love of guns.  But this love affair with Rambo and assault weapons pretty much meant for one thing is a bit absurd.

  A couple people in a community owning a boatload of assault weapons and even granades aren't going to stop the military, the feds or national guard or the swat team from storming a town.  It might deter them for a moment, but what side of the coin are all these people on anyway?   Former Military and police officers are going to attack their own brothers and sisters and kids ? Current military and police are going to turn against their own brothers and sisters in arms ?  Everybody is suddenly a Rambo and practices everyday ? 

People forget all these organizations and corporations are made up of people. Maybe it's to much TV and internet and isolation or something.  It's not like the enemy storms the gates and you'll be ready. That enemy just as likely could be your neighbor, your brother, your sister.   In some cult like psycho locked down community, maybe , but things don't happen in isolation.

America has many problems. Mental health. Hatred for anything not just like them on all sides these days.  Lack of any real freedoms is becoming the norm.  People from all sides shout on Twitter or whatever social media forum. We talk about bullying, yet it's the norm.  The norm from all sides.  And the hate keeps spreading.  But this fascination with needing a thousand guns , the need to have access to them and nobody know I have them is absurd.  

But flat out state or federal gun control isn't going to work.  The government is lost and confused and everyone just has their own agenda for making themselves wealthier and more of a star now.  Star celebrity power and fake news comes from all of these people now. 

The world has a mental health and hate everybody that doesn't look and act like me problem.  But nobody wants to admit they are also part of the problem. It's point fingers at everyone else.   And the kids grow up lost , confused and find the terrorist organizations that fit their agenda. Or they fall for the Kool aid. They all are terrorist organizations. Then again don't the media , drug companies and silicon valley tech companies tap into that same psychosis to get kids and others addicted and convinced?  Is a guy like Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos all that different than the rest of these folks convincing people to do something or believe something?  Then get in a hissy fit when someone calls them out on something? 

"We are just a tech company..." Is always the excuse. At some point we need to start looking into all these people and the how's and whys and ways the Facebook's and Amazon's and Ubers and the cults of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs and Trump and Putin and the  Clinton's and  so many others play their own version of mind control and manipulation.   

Because that's way beyond mental health issues.   These cartels and Nazi white power groups and gangs and terrorist organizations and politicians and leaders and tech leadership and Wall Street and big corporations  all seem to play the same mind games and find the right people at the right time and make them believe in whatever they are selling.

  It's not all guns.  It's mental health, mind control and manipulation.  And nobody is really safe anywhere anymore.

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