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Smart city iot more asia and india

Asia and India are pushing for and investing in Smart Cities and IOT while the USA is lagging behind.  Some of it is legacy infrastructure and city/state /fed politics. Other factors include the US is filled with a lot of marketing hype and little implementation.
We will see how it all plays out.  Smart Cities and IOT...The 4Cs are crucial. Collaboration

Driving across the country with a dog

Driving across the country in a 2014 VW Jetta that has 74k miles on it.  I have a few phone calls and meetings and a book to write so some stops are required. Plus Bennie will need his walks and breaks. I started in Orange County, but the route with bennie the dog and I will be as follows : San Diego to Salton Sea.  Short pit stop. Salton Sea to Phoenix.  Rest overnight.Phoenix to Albuquerque. Rest overnight.Albuquerque to Oklahoma City.  Rest overnight.  Oklahoma City to Memphis. Rest overnight. Memphis to Birmingham. Pit stop. Birmingham to Atlanta.  Finished.   Hooray. We will see how this all goes. 
It's 80 degrees and hot now so.  ------------_---------
(Google maps shared route is terrible
..See below )Shared route From (33.0236617,-117.0753169) to Atlanta via CA-78 E. 1 d 9 hr (2181 mi) 1 d 9 hr in current traffic 1. Head south toward Rancho Bernardo Rd 2. Turn right onto Rancho Bernardo Rd 3. Use the right 2 lanes to take the Interstate 15 N ramp 4. Merge onto I-1…

Scaling Blockchain by thinking like a biologist

Great line about scaling blockchain. I agree.  So maybe we should start working with biologists and chemists and strategize a way to design and scale blockchain in terms of independent distributed biological nodes. "Systems will never scale if you require global consensus for local actions by independent agents. For example, I should not have to know where every dollar in the economy is when I want to buy something from you"