Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Touch of me, Touch of AI

I have been experimenting with using generative AI and Claude AI (an AI assistant similar to ChatGPT and OpenAI) to remix and reimagine creative writing pieces I had previously composed. 

As an example, I took an old poem I had written as a teenager and used the AI tools to generate new versions and iterations of the work. This allows me to build on and refine past creative efforts in innovative ways. 

Experimenting with AI for creative purposes has proven to be an engaging project that leverages technology to rework and potentially improve upon earlier artistic endeavors.

 I'm interested in continuing to explore integrations between my own creative writing and capabilities offered by modern AI systems.

Here is my old poem , 

no hero’s entrance or exit  ‘


There is no fantasy in death , Final as it may be,

Your soul no longer can see Your body and mind

Become fixed and blind No more breath

That’s it , final death

Take your time Compelled of thoughts Selfish nor unselfish Deep pains Overpopulating your brain

Dream to die

Hide behind a lie

Live a nightmare

Nobody did or will ever , care

Because you’re dead ! No hero’s entrance

No villains exit

You are forever forgotten You are dead !


This was written probably when I was like 15 or 16. 

So I decided it would be fun to start using and experimenting with Claude AI  and uploaded this file (one advantage Claude has over Chatgpt and that’s uploading files to be scanned and summarized and read) and I asked it to take the above poem and turn it into a short story with Isaac Asimov influence , Hemingways style , the doors Jimi Morison poetic flair and combine it all with some Bob Dylan political commentary.  

I played around with it a few times before it came up with a rewrite of my poem in the style of an Isaac Asimov sci-fi story, with influences from Hemingway, Poe, Morrison, and Dylan:


The Final Sleep

Ryon stared out the viewport as the stars streamed past in icy pinpricks of light. This was it. His last journey into the endless void. 

He had hoped to go out in a blaze of glory, his name etched into the annals of spacefaring history. But there would be no hero's entrance into the celestial abyss for him. 

His ship was damaged beyond repair, the life support systems slowly failing. He only had hours left. Alone in the darkened cockpit, he pondered his fate.

In his youth, he had dreamed of distant worlds and crossing the galaxy faster than light. But now there was no fantasy left, only the stark reality of death. 

His body and mind would soon become fixed and blind as the darkness embraced him. No more breath. Nothing but the final silence. 

He took his time, compelled by thoughts selfish and unselfish. Deep pains overpopulated his brain as he dreamed his last. Though he hid behind lies to himself that rescue could come, he knew the nightmare was real. 

No one had cared enough to save him. And when the end came, no one would remember his name. No villains exit. No hero's farewell. Just an endless sleep forgotten in the void.

As the ship spiraled toward the event horizon of a black hole, Ryon closed his eyes. The darkness welcomed him home as time stretched into an infinite now. Gravity's inexorable pull guided him into forever.


So I went further and tried to come up with a visual representation using stablediffussion.  I had to start with using Claude AI and pulling out adjective’s and verbs that would help stablediffussion understand what I wanted designed.  

It creates a good high level summary with bullet points, but summarizing that for a AI graphic design prompt was challenging. 


A lone spaceship drifting through an endless inky void speckled with icy pinpricks of distant stars. 

Inside the darkened cockpit, an aging astronaut named Ryon pondering his fate as he spirals helplessly into a yawning black abyss. 

Glittering celestial lights streaming past the viewport as the damaged ship plunges onward through the endless night.

Ryon's aging eyes closing for the final time as frigid stellar beams embrace him. 

Ghostly tendrils of gravity inexorably pulling the crippled spacecraft toward the event horizon of the yawning black hole. 

The icy stars stretching into infinity as darkness blinds Ryon's vision forever.

Silence and oblivion consuming Ryon's ship as it crosses the threshold into timeless oblivion.

Ryon's final voyage ending not with a hero's celebration, but disappearance into the silent, infinite celestial void.


This was way too long so I shortened it to : 


A lone ship drifting through a starry void. 

An aging astronaut named Ryon pondering his fate inside the dark cockpit.

Celestial lights streaming past as the damaged ship plunges onward.

Ryon's eyes closing as icy stars embrace him.

Inexorable gravity pulling the crippled ship toward a yawning black hole. 

Silence and oblivion consuming Ryon's vessel as it crosses the horizon into oblivion. 

Ryon's final voyage ending not with celebration, but disappearance into the infinite void.


So taking this summary and condensing it a bit more  and using dreamstudio stablediffussion and a isometric style , 

here’s the best 2 images i decided on that it came up with, 

Lots of possibilities but it can be time consuming and frustrating at the same time , but it’s interesting to experiment with generative AI and different tools available.   I will keep experimenting in future posts. 

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